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Xfurbish Shield

The Xfurbish Shield protects you when you purchase items sold on Xfurbish. The timely delivery and the condition of your items on reception are covered under Xfurbish Shield. You can claim the Xfurbish Shield, on your order history by selecting “Problem with order” and choose the reason in the subject line and the seller will get back to you in 48 hours and we guarantee a resolution within 14 business days. 


Requirements of Xfurbish Shield

You must have purchased physical goods from a seller on the marketplace

You must wait for minimum three business days post the maximum estimated delivery date in order to claim Xfurbish Shield for an order 

In case the item received is faulty/damaged/defective/materially different, then within 3 days of reception of the order, you must raise a request for return or replacement.

In case you were requested to return the delivered package by the seller or Xfurbish and you returned in line with the return policy of Xfurbish but you have not been refunded or the refunded was in the wrong amount. You must (1) contact the seller within the applicable return window mentioned at from receipt of the item and (2) postmark the return within 14 days from arranging the return with the seller.

Note: For returns of business orders wherein damaged/defective/wrong items have been shipped to you, you must raise a request for return or replacement within 3 days of receipt of items, to initiate the return process.

Request Refund under Xfurbish Shield

You can request a refund in the Orders section of Your Account if you purchased physical goods from a third-party seller on the website.

To request an Xfurbish Shield refund:

1. Go to  your Order History

2. View the particular order 

3. Select Problem with Order

4. Verify the details of the order and write to the seller with apt subject line

Claims are resolved in a maximum time of two weeks.

Sellers will need to contact buyers and encourage them to contact us to revoke or cancel a pending request once an issue has been resolved.

1. Enter your comments in the text box.

2. Click Submit.

Note: Buyers can appeal a denied request within 90 days of receiving notification of the denial. Amazon will review denied requests and notify you of the final decision within three business days.