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Riser Cards

Buy 500+ New and Refurbished Riser Cards| Used Riser Cards

Riser Card is the ideal solution for packaging and shipping of refurbished computers. We offer a wide selection of refurbished Dell riser cards, HP Riser cards, IBM riser cards, Netapp riser cards, Sun riser cards, and more. Riser Cards are usually used to support memory and certain adapters in PC configurations. When you purchase from MemoryStock you get Guaranteed All-Comes-With-Original-Warranty. Refurbished riser cards are used to increase the internal height of a computer rack as resulting from normal wear and tear on the system. Since they were used in a previous, working system, refurbished riser cards will work just like new ones do in terms of backplane throughput, cooling characteristics, hard drive mounting, and more.

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