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This Blade will come with a 45-day warranty, to be used at your own risk, and is shipped in our custom test configuration. We are proud to offer this product because of the potential savings that could be incurred by purchasing one of these over a new one. Depending on the Blade, there will be various amounts of blade specific and other accessories included depending on what was present when it was removed from original use. Blade Servers, SuperMicro up to 4 CPU's in 2U chassis including three or five-year standard warranty. Blade servers from such manufacturers as HP, Dell, IBM, & SuperMicro. We specialize in refurbishing and repairing blade servers to provide you with a 3 to 5-year warranty. You name it we will do it + more, including any type of rackmount 1U or 2U server combination at very competitive prices!
Brand: Dell Model: Dell Poweredge M630 Blade Server 7V150 A00

Sold by: curve

Ex Tax:$400
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