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Quantum BH1AA-YF 40/80GB DLT1 SCSI Internal Tape Drive LVD

Quantum BH1AA-YF 40/80GB DLT1 SCSI Internal Tape Drive LVD
Quantum BH1AA-YF 40/80GB DLT1 SCSI Internal Tape Drive LVD
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  • Model: BH1AA-YF
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Warranty30 Days
Part NumberBH1AA-YF
Tape Drive
Tape Drive TypeInternal Drive
Tape drive GenerationDLT1
Tape Drive Native Capacity40GB
Tape Drive Compressed Capacity80GB
Tape Drive InterfaceSCSI
Form FactorFull height

Features of Quantum BH1AA-YF 40/80GB DLT1 SCSI Internal Tape Drive LVD

  • Form Factor - Full Height
  • Part Number - BH1AA-YF
  • Tape Drive Compressed Capacity - 80GB
  • Tape Drive Interface - SCSI
  • Tape Drive Native Capacity - 40GB
  • Tape Drive Type - Internal Drive
  • Tape drive Generation - DLT1

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