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Why Sell On Xfurbish?

Niche platform for selling IT Enterprise products
Just 8% of order value as commission
Global presence
Easy and hassle-free listing of products
No listing fee or registration fee or hidden charges
Minimal interference for resolution of buyer issue

What to Sell?

This platform is solely for buying and selling IT Enterprise products.

IT Enterprise products - Information technology is defined broadly as a set of Information Technology (IT) components that are the foundation of an IT service; typically physical components (computer, networking hardware and facilities), but also various software and network components.

Enterprise IT products typically refers to components required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. An IT Enterprise products consists of a set of physical devices and software applications that are required to operate the entire enterprise.

All of the hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc., that are required to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT services.

A seller can list and make offers on the following

Servers: Tower Server, Rack Server, and Blade Server
Laptops and it’s accessories
Disk Storage:Disk Storage Array and Storage Parts
Tape Storage:Tape Drives, Tape Loader, Tape Libraries, Tape Media, Tape Spares, etc.
Networking: Managed Switches, Unmanaged Switches, SAN Switches, Routers, Firewall, Access Point, etc.
Parts & Accessories:Backplane and Midplane, Cache/Raid Batteries, Cables, Controller Unit, Controller Card, CPUs, Fans, Graphic Cards, Hard Disks, HBAs, Heat Sink, Motherboards, Management Module, Network Cards, Optical Drives, Power Adapters, Power Supply, Raid Cards, Riser Cards, RAM, SFP Modules/Transceiver, SSD, Server Chassis and VRM

The CONDITION of the listed products should be one of the following:

New - The product is new and has never been used. It comes in its original packaging, which has not been opened. It comes with manufacturing warranty.
Refurbished - While your product isn’t new, it has been professionally restored to working order so that it appears new, and it comes with a warranty. The product might or might not be in its original packaging. This is sometimes referred to as "remanufactured" or "renewed”.
Used - The product is a second-hand item. For example, the product has been used before, the original packaging has been opened, or the original packaging is missing.


Go to
Hover over the Register icon on the main menu

The register page will appear as shown below

Fill in the required details as shown. Choose Yes to become a Seller.

The shop name field will appear. Enter a desired unique store name to set up the store.
Availability will be marked with a green thumbs-up sign.
Read the policies and agree to terms by clicking on the checkbox.
You will be directed to the success page.

Go to your registered email account
Click on the activation link in the mail or press Continue on the website.

You will be directed to seller panel.

Welcome on board to Xfurbish! Now you can complete your profile and start listing your products.

Create your Profile


Click on My Profile in the navigation menu or from Dashboard.
Fill in the required details
Add a store keyword
Additionally, you can add your Company name and address

Please Note: Contact details or physical address or any personal details should not be added in the profile description or company description.

Add payment details

Add your bank details. Bank details must include the following:

Paypal First Name:Mention the first name as per your paypal account

Paypal Last Name:Mention the last name as per your paypal account

Paypal ID:Mention your paypal account ID

Account Holder Name:Mention the name as per your bank account

Account Number:Mention your 11 digits Account Number

Account Type:Choose the type of the account from the list.

Routing Number:Mention your routing number

Bank Name:Mention your Bank Name

Bank Address: Mention your Bank Address


Click on My Profile in the navigation menu or from Dashboard.
Recheck the details to ensure correct information and click on Save.

Add Product

*Note:Make sure your profile is complete before adding products.

Guidelines to create a catalog

Click on Add Product tab on your seller panel

On the General Tab fill in the following information

Product Name should be relevant and strictly written in following format.
Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S7 Barebone Server
Description Description should mention about features of the product

Example: Brand: Model:Keyfeature:partno

Data tab:should be relevant and strictly written in following format.

Model: Enter the model name, number or both.
Condition: Select the condition of the product, mention if its New, Refurbished or Used as per the definitions mentioned above.
UPC/EAN is mandatory for the New products
Dispatch: Enter the minimum days required to dispatch (handling days) the product,In case of same day, Enter 0. Dispatch is a collective term used for testing, packing and courier pick up or shipping though time required for shipping (transit period) doesn’t count in dispatch.
Price: Enter the genuine price of the product. The product price should be exclusive of state and country tax or any other tax applicable.
Quantity: Mention the units (quantity) of the product in your inventory
Image: Upload a High resolution 500*500 image of the product in .jpeg/ .png/ .jpg format. The image uploaded should be of the product. Images with watermarks will be blocked. No offensive, obscene or disturbing pictures should be uploaded.
Dimensions: Mention the length, breadth and height of the product inclusive of packing
Length class: Mention the International System of Units (SI units) used to measure the dimension example: centimetres, inches, millimetres, etc.
Weight: Mention the weight of the product.
Weight class: Mention the International System of Units (SI units) used to measure the weight example kilograms, labs, etc.

On the Shipping Tab fill the following details

Priority: Mention the priority.
Shipping for one quantity: Mention the shipping cost for one quantity.
Shipping for additional quantity: Mention the shipping cost for additional quantity.

On the Link Tab fill the following details

Manufacturer: Mention the product manufacturer name.
Categories: Select the appropriate category of the product from the drop-down.
Related Products: Enter the similar or compatible products available in your inventory.

Specifying Attributes

On selecting the category, the Attributes required will be populated. Fill the correct details in the field mentioned. Which ever is not applicable can be left empty.

Offering Discount If you are offering any discount only to this product specify on this column.
Click on Images Tab for

Adding additional Images.

Click on the (+) icon to add additional images if any
All the images should be of High Resolution and 500*500 in .jpeg, .jpg or .png format
Click on the save icon on the right side of the screen to Save the product.
You will be directed to the Product List. You can edit the listing by clicking on Edit (Pencil) button or create another product by clicking Add (Plus) button.
Also, you will receive a mail confirming your listing.

Product List

View the list of your listing with details in Product List.

Create a new product by clicking on the add button.
Edit the products by clicking on the edit button of the specific product.

Search Products

It gives the information about the top 10 searched products from your inventory.It gives you the item name and the number of times it is obtained in search with searched terms and you can give offers or edit the product by clicking on the respective action buttons


Your Orders

Orders: Total Orders Processed.
Pending: Total count of orders that your online store has received and are being processed.
Shipped: Total orders that have been updated status as shipped and are in transit.
Completed: Total orders that have been completed.
Cancelled: The orders that you didn’t accept or the buyer negated and have been refunded.
Late Dispatched: The number of orders which have been dispatched after the estimated date provided by you.

Products sales graph:Shows the number of products that have been sold by the Seller.The graph will give a daily,weekly and monthly report you can view the report by selecting the respective tab.

Payment Schedule:Gives Information about the next payment due date and the amount due.

Seller Rating:It’s the overall performance of your online store.

Out Of Stock:The products that are not on stock and should be replenished.

News & Notifications Gives you the important news & notification.Click on the specific date on the timeline to get the notification of the desired date you can navigate by clicking on the arrows.

Top Search:Gives the top 5 products that are frequently searched with the number of clicks can be found.You can click on the action button to edit the price offer discount.

Recent Orders:Gives order history of last 5 orders with Status,Order Number,Customer Name,Date added & Amount.Click on Order History button on top right corner to get the detailed Order History.

Yearly Sales Report Graph.

The Green graph shows a yearly sales from current month to last year current month.

Total Products:Total Products added during that period.

Product Sold:Number of product sold during that period.

Out Of Stock:Products that are low on stock for that period.

Total Revenue:Amount or revenue generated through sales of the products during that period.

Growth Opportunities:Shows the top 5 products that are being Sold/Searched on Xfurbish.You can add them in your inventory to increase your business.

Or click on Order History in the seller panel to manage the orders.

Managing a new order

Go to your dashboard and scroll down to Latest Orders to manage orders.
Click on the view button to manage orders.
Or click on Order History in the seller panel to manage the orders.
Order history will open.

Manage the status of the order by choosing the appropriate status.

Pending: The status is meant to be pending when the order has been received and is being processed
Shipped: Once the product has been packed and shipped. The status should be changed to Shipped. Select the Courier Name and update the Tracking ID

Completed:Once the order has been received by the customer. The seller has to change the status to Completed to initiate payments against the order


All payments for the orders processed can be accessed in Transactions. Xfurbish has a simple and transparent fee structure for sellers with no hidden charges.
There is no separate registration fee, the listing fee charged by Xfurbish. We only charge once you make a sale.
You can view all the payouts that have been made to you by Xfurbish.Transaction amount is the final amount that has been sent out to you.
Details will contain the Order ID,Reference ID,the date on which the amount has been credited to you. Date added is the date which our team has updated the information on portal.

Please Note:

Only 8% of the total order value is charged as fees for all product categories.
Pay-outs would be issued in 14 days once the order is updated as completed.
The pay-outs would be issued to the Bank Account updated on the Seller Profile.


Your reviews and product reviews would be displayed here.

All the reviews given by customers on your products will appear here with the review details.


Any additional information that you wish to add can be added here.


Once your login to your Account & view My Account
View your notifications by clicking on notification tab on your seller panel.It gives you notification about your order,product or seller on the right hand side you will get information about total number of notification based on categories for your orders.

Order Tab

Notifications related to the orders are displayed here.

All Notifications:All notifications that you have received is displayed here.
Returns: Pay-outs would be issued in 14 days once the order is updated as completed.
Cancelled:Cancelled order notifications will be shown here.
Complete:Notifications related to order completion will be displayed in this tab.
Pending:Any notification that you receive for the pending orders will be displayed in this tab.
Refunded:Messages and notifications related to the refunds initiated or processed.
Shipped: All orders where the status of the order is updated as shipped.

Product Tab

Notifications related to the product listed by the online stores will be notified here.
We expect our sellers to follow the policies of Xfurbish while listing the product on the portal.

Seller Tab

Notifications displayed here is to update or notify the seller regarding his Online store, it can be about regarding the policies the seller needs to follow, or notify about the same, & any new changes in policy will be notified to the seller will be displayed here.

Report Tab

Sales Report: Gives you an overview of your overall sales and the information about the listed products.
Trending Product Report: Gives top 500 most trending/searched products on xfurbish.
Sales Opportunity Report:Gives the information about the products that can be included in stock to increase business.
Competitive Report:Gives information of the competitive price for the same products.